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Our Search Process

Our Search Process
  1. Obtain a complete search assignment and determine the unique opportunity presented by the client and position.
  2. Establish profile of ideal candidate, including desired skills, background experience and personality type.
  3. Conduct marketplace research to locate the companies that employ candidates with desirable skill sets and compile a list of targeted companies and candidates.
  4. Conduct interviews and select most qualified candidates.
  5. Present short list of qualified candidates and professional profiles to client and discuss results of in-depth candidate interviews.
  6. Arrange face-to-face or videoteleconference interviews with client.
  7. Debrief client and candidate and resolve open issues or concerns.
  8. Provide complete references to client, if requested.
  9. Assist client where appropriate to develop and extend employment offer.
  10. Confirm start date with candidate.
  11. Provide transitional assistance to candidate.
  12. Follow up with both candidate and client through start date and initial phases of employment.